Gambling is a quite large gaming arena. It can be done over anything and everything. There are only a handful of pubs, casinos or gambling hubs which allows a user to enjoy every form it. Rather nowadays it has been localized which means different forms & different kinds of gambling are practiced & encouraged in different demographic areas. They have improvised the baits and the rules according to their ease and choice.

But more recently, the one that is preferred by the majorities are those which comes in the category of the dice games. Dice games are more abided by rule and are of choice to the people from the higher rung of the society. Tough machine games are trying hard to beat it but still is holding its position.

Small cubes dice games

Dice games are on the most popular table games that a casino has to offer. There are many casino players who love to play the dice games above anything else. Dice games are usually limited in casinos. Dice games are very entertaining and fun as they are based on luck.

Various types of dice games

There are different types of dice games. The common factor is that one or more dices are required to play the game. Some of the most popular dice games are craps, dice poker, French bank and under and Over Seven.

  • Craps: Craps is by far the most popular dice game that is ever played. Better odds are offered by craps than any other game. The card in this game is distributed by a person who is known as the shooter. The rules of this game are easy and exciting.
  • Dice Poker: Dice poker, as the name suggests, is a kind of poker. The inspiration for this game is the card poker. The rules of this game are almost similar to that of card poker.
  • French Bank: French Bank is not what the name suggests. It is not related to the bank. It is a dice game which originated in Portugal. There are three dices in this game. This game is simple having three bets which are possible in French Bank. They are Aces, High and Low.
  • Under and Over Seven: Under and over seven is the simplest of all the dice games. The aim of this game is to simply predict whether two dice’s sum will be greater or lesser than seven or will it be equal to seven. The only bets in under and Over Seven is to predict the outcome. This game has the simplest set of rules among all other dice games.


Dice games are based on complete luck. There is no skills or knowledge that can help out in a dice game other than pure luck. Dice games are fun and exciting.

The latest variation to this luck tester is its online category. It allows the user to enjoy every bit of a real game without moving an inch from his or comforter. A number of online dicing portals have bloomed up in the recent past and they are providing huge benefits, discounts, and bonuses to attract the dicers and gamblers.